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Curtis Lewis v The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness [Deportation of Parent, Aboriginal Child]

Court: Federal Court of Appeal, hearing date to be set

This is an appeal of immigration officials seeking to deport the father of an Aboriginal Canadian child. JFCY’s intervention focuses on the Best Interests of the Child principle as being central to the decision-making process. Further, when the child has Aboriginal status, this includes giving due consideration to the government’s historical discrimination against Aboriginal people, the long-standing harm caused by the former residential school system, and the current government’s commitment to reconciliation.

Decision released on National Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2017 – commentary from JFCY to follow

JFCY factum
JFCY Factum Lewis 2016
Federal Court Decision (not final decision, see FCA decision below)
FC Decision
Federal Court of Appeal Decision
Lewis v Minister FCA 2017
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