Committees & Memberships

Advisory Panel

This panel is comprised of individuals with specialized expertise related to children and youth rights. These volunteers undertake to do research, write materials and provide expert advice to the lawyers at JFCY. We welcome qualified scholars and professionals from various disciplines; this committee has limited membership and not all interested people will be able to participate.

Development and Fundraising Committee

This Committee aims to raise awareness and funds in a variety of ways to support the organization’s important work. All committed volunteers are welcome to apply.

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children

The CCRC works to achieve full implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada and globally. JFCY was a founding member of CCRC and a JFCY lawyer has continually been on the CCRC Board since it’s inception. For information about CCRC’s work, visit:

Ontario Bar Association

JFCY lawyers are members of the OBA, a branch of the Canadian Bar Association.  Our sectional membership includes: Child and Youth Law, Education Law and the Constitutional, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Law. For more information, visit:

Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education (CAPSLE)

JFCY is a member of CAPSLE, a national organization whose aim is to provide an open forum for the practical study of legal issues related to and affecting the education system and its stakeholders. For more information, visit:

Law Union of Ontario

JFCY lawyers are members of the Law Union, a coalition of progressive lawyers, law students and legal workers. The Law Union provides for an alternative bar in Ontario which seeks to counter the traditional protections afforded by the legal system to social, political and economic privilege. By demystifying legal procedures, attacking discriminatory and oppressive legislation, arguing progressive new applications of the law, and democratizing legal practice, the Law Union strives to develop collective approaches to bring about social justice. For more information, visit: