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 General Information about JFCY tri-fold 

 Teen Street Guide 2017 – pocket-sized foldout with info on a variety of youth services and a map showing their location in the city

Cannabis Infographic:

School Issues:


Right to Attend – school boards, location, exemptions, quitting

Special Education – identification process, IPRCs and IEPs, accommodation, reviews, appeals

Suspensions – discipline process, mitigating circumstances, reviews and appeals

Expulsions– discipline process, mitigating circumstances, hearings and appeals

Human Rights and LGBTQI2S Legal Rights:


Human Rights in Ontario – discrimination, protected grounds and areas, making a claim

LGBTQI2S Legal Rights – sexual identity and sexual expression, GSAs, gender and trans inclusive spaces, changes to government documents

Youth Criminal Justice:


Youth Criminal Court Process – right to a lawyer, EJM and EJS, attending court, flowchart

Bail in Youth Criminal Court – being released, sureties and being held

Child Protection:


Corporal Punishment – Physical discipline (hitting and spanking)

Child Welfare Court Guide – 2018 updated materials available soon

Voluntary Youth Service Agreements with CAS for 16 & 17 year olds

Individual legal subjects:


Leaving Home – information for 16 & 17 year olds; includes school, work, support options, and Voluntary Youth Service Agreements with CAS

Health Care – OHIP, OHIP+ Children and Youth Pharmacare, IFHP, making treatment decisions, health records, psychiatric facilities and secure treatment

Shoplifting Demand Letters – letters from stores asking for money after being accused of and/or caught shoplifting

Age Based Laws pamphlet – summary of age-based legal milestones. Concise 2-page version. April 2019

No longer avail. On Oct 1, 2019, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board was replaced by the Victim Quick Response Program +. Information on existing CICB applications can be viewed online on our legal wiki.

Know Your Rights: A legal guide to your rights and responsibilities under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (2015)

This publication was updated in October 2015 and is no longer available in a printed book format. We continue to seek funding to reprint this publication. If you would like a hard copy, please contact us to determine the cost; it will be printed on letter sized paper, 3-hole punched and ready for your binder of choice.


Cover and Backcover

Table of Contents

All Chapters (1-11)

  1. Introduction
  2. The Police
  3. Lawyers
  4. Detention
  5. Extrajudicial Measures and Extrajudicial Sanctions (EJM & EJS)
  6. In Court
  7. Sentencing Process
  8. AboriginalYouth
  9. Types of Sentences
  10. Records
  11. Appeals


Street Law Smarts 2015: fact sheets designed to assist staff working at street-youth serving agencies to help homeless youth with their legal problems

This publication is generally only available in this format. If you would like a hard copy, please contact us to determine the cost; it will be printed on letter sized paper, 3-hole punched and ready for your binder of choice.

Introduction and Summary

Table of Contents

All Chapters (1-26)  Note: Chapter 20 in this download is out of date due to legalization on Oct 17 2018 – for new chapter, please email (website uploads not currently working) or visit our Legal Wiki for current information

Back Page

  1. Where to Get Legal Help
  2. Evidence Tips
  3. Leaving Home
  4. Ontario Works & ODSP
  5. Shelters
  6. Tenant Rights
  7. Small Claims
  8. If you have been a victim of a crime – note: CICB applications deadline is Sept 30, 2019. See Wiki for more information about these changes.
  9. Immigration
  10. Mental Health
  11. Education
  12. Stops and Searches by Police
  13. Security Guards
  14. Tickets
  15. Panhandling
  16. Parks
  17. Trespassing
  18. Street and Sidewalks
  19. Alcohol
  20. Cannabis – 2018 update, see also JFCY infographic above
  21. Warrants
  22. Appearing in Criminal Court
  23. Police Complaints
  24. Youth Records
  25. Adult Records
  26. Record Suspensions (previously pardons)

Zines created by our Public Legal Education Team:


Shopping Malls

House Parties

PLASTIC CARDS – with legal content on back:

These wallet sized plastic cards below are available in hard copy.  Please contact us to request cards and to determine any applicable costs.


suspensions   expulsions

Police Stops – under 18


SYLS Police Card – Searches & Stops card:


Extrajudicial Measures & Sanctions (EJM & EJS) card:


Youth Records plastic cards series, in order of appearance:

      YouthRecord1-face  YouthRecord2-face  YouthRecord3-face

1 – Who can See Your Records?

2 – When are Youth Records Destroyed?

3 –Travel, Employment and Immigration

Street Youth Legal Services series, in order of appearance:

     Warrants-face   Panhandling-face   Security-face  Parks-face     



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