Ombudsman Ontario

The Ontario Ombudsman can take complaints about the province’s 82 school boards.

The Ombudsman can investigate complaints about the administrative conduct of school boards that have not been resolved by local complaint mechanisms or appeals processes. These may include concerns about special education supports, school and school board policies, customer service provided by board staff, or other matters within the authority of individual school boards. Constitutional rights to denominational and minority language education will be preserved with respect to any school board matters. If you don’t know if your complaint falls within the Office’s jurisdiction, please contact them.

Anyone with an unresolved concern about a school board – including parents and family members, school board staff and trustees, teachers or special interest groups – can contact the Ombudsman by using the online complaint form on their website.

Complaints can also be filed by phone (1-800-263-1830), or email


This website gives information to parents to support advocacy for children in Ontario public schools. It has tips and strategies to help parents ensure the school is meeting their child’s education needs.

Pro Bono Ontario – Education Law

A project of Pro Bono Ontario which provides pro bono (free) lawyers for familes with limited means in the area of education law for children.