Criminal Record

There is no set definition of “Criminal Record”. The term is confusing, and the Criminal Records Act does not define what a criminal record is. Many people use the term “Criminal Record” to describe the record of conviction received after you have been convicted of a criminal offence as an adult. However, the term may […]

Accessing a “Criminal Record Check”

You may request a copy of your record of conviction from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). To obtain a Criminal Record Check from the RCMP you must submit a full set of all ten fingerprints. As of July, 2014 you must submit these fingerprints electronically for any civil matters. To get a copy of […]

Other Types of Records and Background Checks

a) Toronto Police Service – Clearance Letters You may request a “Clearance Letter” from the Toronto Police Service. A Clearance Letter will be issued if you have no record of criminal conviction on the National Repository of Criminal Records, as maintained by the RCMP, or any outstanding criminal charges before the courts. A Criminal Conviction […]

How do I ask for my records to be destroyed?

Suspending Records of Conviction If you have been convicted of a criminal offence as an adult you can get your record of conviction suspended by applying to the Parole Board of Canada. For more information, see the Records Suspension section. All other records – Destruction Non-conviction criminal records related to your interactions with the criminal […]

Police Records

Police officers keep records of their interactions with you. A Police Record is not necessarily a “Criminal Record.” Police Records contain information about contact you have had with the police, which can include: information about any arrests suspected criminal activity findings of guilt (youth) and convictions (adults) fingerprints and photographs 911 calls interviews witnesses and […]

Types of Records and Background Checks

There are different types of records or background checks that you may request. Which request you make depends on your own reasons for requesting it – i.e. for personal or employment purposes, or for a position as a volunteer. For employment or volunteer situations, the depth of the record check will depend upon the type […]

Accessing your police record

To obtain access to records about you that are kept by the police, contact your local police service and ask for their procedures. In Toronto, the Toronto Police Service’s “Access and Privacy Section” manages all personal information requests. You will be asked to fill out a form that is available on the website listed below. It […]

Toronto Police Service Fingerprint, Photograph, and Record of Disposition Destruction

The Toronto Police Service provides a policy and procedure to request for fingerprint and photograph destruction for adult non-conviction dispositions. See the Toronto Police Service website for the forms required to make the request. The following conditions generally apply before your request is granted: you must be at least 18 years of age at […]

Sample Fingerprint Destruction Letter

dd, mmm, 2014                                                                 WITHOUT PREJUDICE Toronto Police Service – Criminal Records 40 College Street Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2J3 Attn: CRIMINAL RECORDS Re: Name – ___________________ DOB – dd, mmm, yyyy Suspected offence(s) – ________________________________ Date of withdrawal – dd, mmm, yyyy at Old City Hall Courthouse Please find enclosed the completed Fingerprint and Photograph […]