What are the rules on alcohol use?

The Liquor Licence Act (LLA) makes rules about the use of alcohol in Ontario. Here are some important things to know about the rules in the LLA: Only people over the age of 19 can legally consume alcohol, subject to the exception described below People under the age of 19 can consume alcohol only if […]

Police powers to take alcohol

A police officer may take anything he or she believes to be evidence of a Liquor Licence Act offence, which may include empty bottles and drinking glasses that have been used for drinking alcohol. The officer can also take things used in committing the offence if it is necessary to prevent their further use, for example, alcohol that is […]

Being arrested?

You can be arrested under the Liquor Licence Act if the police feel that they need to find out your correct name and address, if you are intoxicated in public or a place “used in common by others”, and it is necessary for the safety of any person. If arrested, you should immediately ask to speak to […]