What approach does the Youth Criminal Justice Act take with young people?

The approach taken by the YCJA is explained in the “Preamble” and a “Declaration of Principle.” You should know about this approach because it will affect how you are treated by the police, the Youth Justice Court, and others involved in the system set up by the YCJA. The content of the Preamble includes statements […]

To whom does the Youth Criminal Justice Act apply?

The YCJA applies to all young persons who are 12 to 17 years old at the time they are said to have broken a federal law. The YCJA does not apply to offences covered under the laws of your provinces.

What if I am under 12?

Although the YCJA will not apply to you if you are under 12, you must remember that there may be consequences for illegal behaviour.  For example, if you have stolen from a store you may not be allowed to go there in the future. Also, although you will not be held criminally responsible, there are […]

What about truancy?

The YCJA does not apply to truancy (absence from school without a good reason), unless you break a probation or bail order that has a condition that you must attend school.