When would I need evidence?

After a negative experience, regardless of what actions you want to take or how you plan to deal with the problem, evidence is essential. For example: a broken toilet which the landlord has not fixed being verbally or physically abused not being paid minimum wage being discriminated against any type of accident you have been involved […]

Types of Evidence

Various types of evidence exist and can include: identifying notes pictures and videos witnesses and their statements medical reports police reports estimates (e.g. clothing or furniture repair costs)

Identifying Notes

Right after the incident, write down all the details you can remember, including: date and time location all details of what happened witnesses names and contact information appearance of the person – height, hair style, weight, markings on their body, etc.


Get the name, address, phone number, and email address of anyone who saw the incident. Ask any witnesses to write down what they saw right away so they don’t forget the details (make sure they date and sign their notes) Make a copy of the witnesses’ notes. Ask the witness to keep one copy, and […]

Medical Records

If injured (even a scrape or bruise), have a doctor examine the injuries Tell the doctor what happened (all injuries) and that you need a copy of his or her notes Ask the doctor to photocopy the notes taken during the appointment so they can be used in the case Keep receipts if medical service was paid […]

Pictures and Videos

It is best to use a camera that puts a date on the images It could be a picture or recording of the injury caused to the body or property, or the place where the problem happened Take pictures from a few different angles of the area where the problem happened Take pictures of all the injuries […]