A reprimand is a stern lecture or warning from the judge.

Absolute and Conditional Discharges

An absolute discharge means that the judge will find you guilty, and you will have a youth justice court record, but there will be no additional punishment, and you are “discharged” from any more obligations to the court – so you have no more obligations to the court or the crown attorney or the victim(s). […]


If you are ordered to pay a fine, the judge will decide the amount, but you cannot be fined more than an adult would for the same offence, and the absolute maximum is $1000. In deciding how much you have to pay, the judge will consider the seriousness of the offence and your present and […]


Compensation is when you are ordered to pay a person for any loss or damage to their property, or for any loss of income that they suffered, or for physical injuries because of the offence.


Restitution is when you are ordered to return or replace any property that you got because of the offence, as long as the property is rightfully owned by that person or they had the right to have possession of it (for instance, they had a borrowed library book that you ruined).

Personal Service

Personal Service or Compensation in Kind is when the judges orders that you have to spend a specific number of hours, working for a person whom you have harmed, or to whom you have caused damage. The judge may order that you do a specific kind of work. The judge might order this so that […]

Community Service

If you get community service the judge will order that you do work for an approved social or community agency – often a community centre, place of worship (like a church or a temple), hospital, nursing home, or a city or town department. You will be supervised in this work. The purpose of a community […]


The judge may order that you are forbidden from having something, or that you give the thing over to the police – this is called a prohibition order, and is most often about weapons. Sometimes a judge may order that you are not allowed to have a computer or anything else that was related to […]


Probation means that you will be supervised quite closely even though you are not in jail (or custody) and it gives you a chance to show that you are responsible enough not to get into more trouble with the criminal justice system. While you are on probation there will be conditions that you must fulfill […]

Intensive Support and Supervision Program

The judge could order that you participate in an intensive support and supervision program if a program like that exists where you live. The sentence would involve close monitoring and mandatory support services to assist you in changing your behaviour.