What is Small Claims Court?

Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice. It deals with smaller civil disputes and limits monetary claims at $25,000 and has simplified rules and procedures. The Ministry of Attorney General’s user-friendly website has an assortment of guides to help walk you through the Small Claims Court process.

What types of cases go to small claims court?

Small Claims Court can deal with any action for the payment of money or the recovery of personal property, with a limit of $25,000. Examples of typical Small Claims Court cases include claims for money owed under an agreement (e.g. unpaid accounts, unpaid loans, unpaid rent, NSF cheques, etc.) and claims for damages (e.g. property […]

How much does it cost to make a claim in Small Claims Court?

It really varies. Most steps in a Small Claims Court proceeding will require you pay a fee, but if you are unable to pay these fees you can request a fee waiver. Also, if you are successful you can ask for the other party to pay your fees, but they can also do the same […]

Who can represent a party in Small Claims Court?

While many people represent themselves in Small Claims Court, you can also be represented by a lawyer, a law student, or a paralegal. Lawyers can be found through the Lawyer Referral Service of the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) can provide you with the name of a lawyer in your area and allows for a free consultation […]

Limitation periods

There may be a time limit on how long you have to make your claim, so you should know when the event giving rise to the dispute took place. You may need to get legal advice on whether you are too late to make a claim.

General Steps in a Small Claims Court dispute

1. Plaintiff fills out the claim form: the plaintiff writes the reasons for their claim, the amount they are claiming, and attaches any documents that will help prove their side of the story. 2. Plaintiff files the claim at the Small Claims Court: the plaintiff should take both the original and a copy of the […]

Important tips for Small Claims Court

Be neat: delays are frequently caused by forms that cannot be read. Forms are available at both the court offices themselves and on http://www.ontariocourtforms.on.ca/english/scc At the top of the forms, if you are filing you should fill in the name and address of the court where you are filing Court staff will provide you with […]

Court locations

Small Claims Court – Toronto 47 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto, ON M2N 5N1 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Phone Number: 416-326-3554 Small Claims Court – Richmond Hill 855 Major Mackenzie Dr. E., Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4C6 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Phone Number: 905-737-4416 Click here to search for other locations […]