The Highway Traffic Act and local municipal by-laws have several rules for cyclists. Some relate to the equipment that is required and others deal with how to ride a bike. Bicycles are required to have: a working bell or horn; working brakes; if cycling after dark, a light and white reflect or strips on the […]


Pedestrians are expected to follow rules on the street, just like drivers and cyclists. When crossing a street, if there are portions of a road marked for pedestrian crossing, then you are required to cross the street at those crossings. You also cannot cross the road at a red or yellow light, or when the “don’t […]

Use of public spaces

Streets and sidewalks are public spaces and are subject to regulation by the Criminal Code of Canada, provincial laws, and local municipal by-laws. You can be charged with a criminal offence if you cause a disturbance in or near a public place. Examples of causing a disturbance include: fighting; shouting, screaming, swearing or using obscene […]

Streets and sidewalks by-law in Toronto

The Toronto Municipal Code has a Chapter titled ‘Streets and Sidewalks’. The Chapter makes rules about what can occur on City of Toronto’s streets and sidewalks.. It is prohibited to obstruct , encumber, camp, dwell, or lodge on a sidewalk. The City of Toronto’s Interdepartmental Protocol for Homeless People Camping in Public Spaces requires that […]