What is Trespassing?

It is an offence to trespass on public and private property in Ontario. Under the Trespass to Property Act, you commit trespassing when you: go onto another person’s property where it is prohibited with notice in writing (can be a sign stating ‘NO ENTRY’); do something on another person’s property that is prohibited. Things that […]

What is Squatting?

You are squatting if you live in an unoccupied building or house that you do not own, rent or otherwise have permission from the owner to use. Squatting itself is not an offence but, depending on the circumstances, you could be fined for trespassing or charged with several Criminal Code offences. For example: trespassing at […]

Being arrested?

If you are being arrested, you should immediately ask to speak to a lawyer or duty counsel. You should not make any statement before you have had the opportunity to speak with a lawyer. You rights when you are placed under arrest will depend on what you are being arrested for, and whether you have […]