Jordan, Mary, and John are 16 year-old high school students who are feeling hungry and exhausted after a long day in class! Naturally, a short walk down the road to the local gas station to get some refreshments is agreed upon, and they get going.

Upon arrival to the station’s store, however, they see a clearly marked sign reading “ONLY 2 STUDENTS IN AT A TIME”. This sign is something the teenagers took offense to; they later expressed their concern with the store clerk in the hopes of some clarification, though they received more offensive comments. The clerk said that teenagers like them are more likely to shoplift, solely because of their age.

The store clerk has had his share of damage over the past years; various items have begun disappearing from his store since the school kids started visiting. As a small business owner, this cannot be tolerated as the ‘disappearances’ are costing him a fortune! It is for this reason; he is taking on a very harsh approach in terms of the operation of his store and his beliefs.

Are there existing laws that protect those under the age of 18 from such age-based discrimination from individuals like the station store clerk?


Should young people be protected by the law from age-based discrimination?  Why or why not?

Stay tuned for a new blog post in early October to learn about the law in this area and what, if anything, these youth can do….


This post was written by Shawn Malik, a JFCY volunteer on the PLE Team.