JFCY wishes all Ontario students a happy first day of school.

Here are some quick legal facts about school in Ontario:

1) You are eligible to attend public school starting at age 4
2) You MUST attend school from ages 6-18, or until you graduate high school (unless you have a valid legal excuse)
3) If you skips school regularly, you could be charged with truancy
4) You have the right to attend school even if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. However, in some situations your parents may have to pay a fee.
5) You have a right to see your Ontario Student Record at any age
6) If you are legally required to attend school and you are working at a job (other than co-op) during school hours, your employer could be fined.

For more information, or to talk about your specific situation, please call JFCY at 416.920.1633 or 1.866.999.5329.