JFCY has been working on reforms to Ontario’s child welfare legislation to give options to older youth to reach out to CAS care. Currently, the legislation does not allow youth over age 16 access CAS’s for the 1st time. A Private Member put forth a Bill to extend services and incorporate the UN Declaration on Rights of the Child into the CFSA, and we’ve been supporting its evolution.

Bill 88 – Right to Care Bill is being called to Committee next Wednesday for public hearings and submissions (for consideration to be brought to 3rd Reading and passed into law). This is unexpected good news & a quick turn-around for help to support Bill 88 going forward.

Sign our petition to support the Bill.

And distribute widely! We are trying to collect 500 signatures by Wednesday. Your leadership and support will make a huge impact.

Feel free to contact Johanna Macdonald, Street Youth Lawyer at JFCY for questions or to learn more about how to get involved.

originally posted: Friday, November 29, 2013