The Youth Criminal Justice Act says it is better to deal with less serious offences outside the court system. Extrajudicial measures include all consequences imposed by someone other than a judge.

  • The police can give warnings, cautions, or referrals to a community program.
  • When the police think those measures are not adequate, an extrajudicial sanction can be used.
  • Your lawyer can advocate for extrajudicial measures or sanctions for you.
  • Police and Crown attorneys make decisions about extrajudicial measures and sanctions. Judges and justices of the peace may call a pre-trial conference to try to resolve the issues.
  • Crown attorneys can refer young people to extrajudicial sanctions programs before or after the young person has been charged.
  • Young people and parents should ask the police, Crown attorney or a lawyer about extrajudicial measures and extrajudicial sanctions programs.

To find these programs:
In Toronto, call 211
Throughout Ontario go to (the connection to community-based services for youth)
JFCY:(416) 920-1633(in GTA) or 1-866-999-5329 (outside GTA)