Hello, my name is Johnny! I’m a grade twelve co-operative education (co-op) student at Justice for Children and Youth (JCFY).  It has been my pleasure getting to know the staff lawyers here at the clinic and the important legal services they provide to our community. I choose to take part in co-operative education at JFCY as I am determined to become a lawyer one day. I also choose JFCY as my placement because of the type of legal services they provide and the community they give their support to. 
It is amazing to see a Legal Clinic offering support to young persons on a wide variety of levels. This makes every learning opportunity here significant and that’s what I appreciate the most. I think that JFCY will also be able to provide me a hands on learning experience with the law itself while also giving me a place to strive successfully into my potential career. 
With all that said, I’m not only participating in co-op, I’m also involved in the Public Legal Education Team (PLE) and the Youth Action Committee (YAC) here at JFCY as I think it’s important to be as engaged as much as I can be when it comes to law! 🙂 
I look forward to the rest of my term here at JFCY and hope you all have enjoyed my blog!  
See ya later!!