As final exams are approaching and “crunch” time begins, I wanted to briefly share my JFCY experience with you. Since October, I have been working as JFCY’s Public Legal Education team leader through my school’s (the University of Toronto law school) Pro Bono Student’s Canada program.

My experience at JFCY as the PLE team leader has been memorable. Not only have I developed my legal research and writing skills but I have had the opportunity to gain knowledge in practical, day-to-day legal issues prevalent in the lives of children and youth. I gained knowledge through my research for this blog but also by working collectively with JFCY’s staff lawyers and the PLE team members I have learned more than any textbook could have taught me.

What is my favorite part you ask? The PLE team of course! These monthly meetings have become something I look forward to. The team is composed of a great group of people, all hard working and dedicated. I had the opportunity to lead the team to create a trivia game to inform the youth community of their legal rights; “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”: Youth Criminal Justice Act (“YCJA”) Edition. Through a cumulative effort, we created an interactive, entertaining yet, educational game which will be featured on our website shortly! Stayed tuned for that…

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