Back in August, this blog had information on youth records: who can see your youth record and when are youth records destroyed?

Today we bring you some more information about other issues a Youth Record may present.

1) A Youth Record may prevent you from being admitted into another country such as crossing the US-Canada border or flying abroad. If you have a record for drugs, weapons or violent crimes you may be denied access into another country.

2) A Youth Record can seriously affect your immigration status in Canada. If you are a visitor, refugee claimant, or landed immigrant (not a citizen) and you are found guilty or convicted of a crime in Canada, you may face serious consequences, and could be forced to leave Canada. This is a very serious area of law. Contact a lawyer right away if you are arrested. 

3) A Youth Record may prevent you from getting a job. It is not legal for an employer to ask about your youth record. It is legal for an employer to ask for a police record check. If your employer asks for a police record check, you make the request and the information comes to you. It is then up to you if you decide to show it to the employer. Unfortunately, the decision you make may affect your chances of getting a job.

This area of law is complicated. If you have any questions consult a lawyer. 
Who to Contact: 

Lawyer referral service: 

Justice for Children & Youth:
(416) 920-1633 (GTA)or1-866-999-5329