The Ontario government has passed the Accepting Schools Act, a new bullying law that aims to better protect students from bullying in publicly funded schools.

One important part of the law is that now all schools must allow students to form Gay-Straight-Alliances (GSAs), groups that are geared towards fighting homophobia and trans-phobia in schools as well as supporting students who may be dealing with issues of coming out and other challenges and triumphs related to their sexual and/or gender identity.

JFCY is pleased with this new law.  All students have the right to feel safe and supported in school.

To read Bill 13 click here.

On a related note, last week JFCY participated in the LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention Summit, a two day conference geared towards developing a strategy to address the high numbers of suicidality among queer and trans youth..  The value and importance of GSAs was part of these discussions.  For more info,  click here.

For more on GSAs click here!