Scenario by PLE Team volunteer Jenny Li, Legal Info by JFCY

As Anthony walks around the crowded house checking out the scene, he hears the music pounding in his ears and the bodies dancing around him.
The contents of his cup slosh around as he navigates the house looking for the six-pack Jackson brought.
Stumbling happily into the kitchen, Anthony bumps into Mr. and Mrs. Johnson handing out jell-o shots to several of his already tipsy friends. “I want in!” shouts Anthony.
Downing the chaser, he becomes aware of shouting coming from the basement.
What is it? What’s wrong?
Someone runs into the kitchen followed by a stampede of other bodies and voices, all shouting, “Cops! Cops! They’re at the door!!”
Anthony stares up in a wild panic. “Hide! We need to go! Basement? Where??” In the panic, everyone looks towards Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, the parents who were present at the party, looking for some sort of direction.
Suddenly, there is knocking at front door along with a faint sound of sirens – perhaps the neighbours called the cops! “What do we do?” 
About the Law:

In this scenario, parents are hosting a party for their children and their children’s friends. The law says people under age 19 are not allowed to have, drink or purchase alcohol.  There is an exception in that parents are permitted to give alcohol to their underage children at home under parental supervision.
However the above situation is more complicated because there are friends of the children present. It is not clear whether the parents of those friends were aware this would happen and whether they consented to their children being given alcohol. This could get legally complicated…
Furthermore, if anyone was to get into an accident or become otherwise injured as a result of alcohol consumed at this party, the parents could be held legally responsible.  Finally, the Children’s Aid Society may have some concerns about children who are supplied alcohol by their parents.

Jenny Li was the first youth member of the PLE Team, which is now comprised of many dedicated youth. Jenny recently began her studies at Harvard.