Profile written by fellow JFCY volunteer Arif Hussain.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Mr. Georjo Tabucan about his volunteering experiences with the Public Legal Education Team here at JFCY thus far. Georjo comes from a diverse academic and professional background with a very keen interest in the field of law. Like some of our other volunteers, he also dreams of practicing law in the future and helping our community at large. Having interviewed Georjo I find that this article will be an excellent read for anyone interested in the field of law from any direction but especially for youth interested in volunteering or getting information regarding the practice of law from an earlier stage in life. So please enjoy everyone, happy read and happy new year!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are and what you are doing at the moment?

I am currently in my 1st year at Ryerson University pursuing a B.Comm. in Law & Business. I previously majored in Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo for my first two years of undergrad but I felt that living at home and of course studying right in the heart of downtown Toronto would provide me with more flexibility and more opportunities to explore the area of law through volunteering. I am also able meet with and learn from a plethora of lawyers in Toronto, which was more difficult during my tenure at UW. At the moment, I am simply trying to discover which areas of the law I am most interested in, and how I plan to inspire and motivate others, which is one of my main goals in life. 

How did you hear about JFCY and get involved?

During the summer, I held a position with the Government of Ontario, Ministry of the Attorney General, and after my contract ended, I knew I wanted to continue my involvement with a legal organization at the start of the school year because the law is something I’m passionate about. So, in searching for a volunteer position, I came across JFCY on one of the Ryerson websites and I knew right then and there that it was the perfect organization that I wanted to volunteer with. My experience with JFCY so far has been amazing. 

What are your future plans in terms career choice and is the law a part of it?

I know I want to become a lawyer when I finish my undergraduate degree and complete my JD. Every morning, on my way to class, I observe all these successful lawyers in their suits on Bay Street walking to their respective law firms and I picture myself being just as successful as they are. When I’m not swamped with schoolwork, I like reading legislation and case law for fun…I guess it’s sort of an obsession that I have. I am just so fascinated with the law and my motivation to learn about the law will never stop. 

You have been with JFCY for sometime now. Thus far, how do you find the work that the volunteers do here and do you think that PLE Team makes a difference?
The type of work that the volunteers contribute makes the PLE Team an essential committee of JFCY. We create meaningful videos and blog posts that each and every young person has access to. Not every child and youth is aware of their rights and it is crucial to spread the word and to start introducing them to what the law is and how they should conform to the rules and regulations implemented by our society in any way possible. Young people are our society’s future, so teaching them about the law even at a young age is paramount if our Canadian population is to continue to live in harmony for generations to come. Digital media is without a doubt a powerful tool in instilling values to these young people and the volunteers on the PLE team are definitely making a difference in the lives of children and youth. 

How do you think the clinic overall benefits society at large?

Our society is comprised of a minor population of youth coming from low-income families who cannot afford legal representation during times of conflict. Organizations such as JFCY that offer free legal aid benefits our society, especially those low-income families, because without legal aid, there would be no justice and equity for our children and youth, which would therefore infringe children’s fundamental rights. Every citizen of our nation ideally should have a right to legal counsel, and JFCY plays a huge role in our society by providing legal aid to our youth. 

What are your future plans with JFCY?

I would like to get more involved with JFCY because I honestly feel that children have a lot to learn that schools and parents may not teach them which the committee may be able to. Since the law is a complex subject and since not all children grow up with lawyers as parents or teachers holding degrees in law, there needs to be a way for children to at least know about what the purpose of the law is and why certain actions are accepted or prohibited. Personally, anything I can do to help further develop the committee’s reputation and contribute to its continued success while making a difference in the community is what I am most looking forward to as a volunteer with JFCY. 

What would you like to say to any youth/adult (perhaps reading this) thinking of joining PLE Team?

To anyone interested in joining the PLE Team, I highly recommend that you apply because you’ll be working with some amazing people, you’ll be learning hands on about many areas of law, knowing that you’re doing something to help shape the lives of children goes beyond a feeling of accomplishment. Volunteering with JFCY is truly unique and rewarding experience! 

This JFCY Volunteer Profile was written by fellow PLE volunteer Arif Hussain. To read more about Arif, check out a spotlight on him here: