My first month of law school
by Tracy Chen
                The first month of law school has been challenging, but also really fun! After being a relatively small program during my undergrad, it has definitely been refreshing to be part of a larger community. At Osgoode Hall Law School, first year law students are put into one of four sections and essentially you will spend most of your time with the people in your section. Orientation week is an overwhelming experience because you get to participate in a variety of activities…yet you also have to attend some classes and do your readings, which can be quite a challenge. One of the great aspects of law school is the opportunity to join a variety of clubs. You will surely find something that will interest you and it is a great way to meet people that are not in your section and some upper years. As I expected, law school does involve a lot of reading. Sometimes these readings can be quite complicated, but thankfully, all my professors thus far have been excellent in providing clarifications. Overall, I am a bit overwhelmed, but enjoying the experience.
This post was written by PLE Team volunteer Tracy Chen.  Tracy has been involved as a volunteer with JFCY for many years, assisting with blog writing and filming our YouTube videos.