JFCY is accepting applications to volunteer on our committees.  The next deadline is September 21, 2012.

**If you are interested, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form and Membership Application Form and send to Andrea at lueya@lao.on.ca.

We appreciate all interest in volunteering for JFCY.  Unfortunately, there are limited spaces on our committees and we are not able to accept all applicants. 

Here is a list of the different committees:  

Public Legal Education Team: The group’s mandate is to create communications (you tube movies, pamphlets, newsletters, facebook, twitter, etc…) for young people to advise and inform them regarding youth-based legal rights. The Committee decides which issues are relevant, thinks of ways to convey the messages most effectively and then creates publications accordingly. We meet once per month and members complete projects on their own time. The group is comprised of high school students, post-secondary students, law students and community members. All committed volunteers are welcome. (For more on this Team, click here.)

Youth Action Committee (YAC): YAC is a group made up of youth (aged 13 – 17) from diverse backgrounds who bring their unique perspectives to address legal issues facing youth today.  We believe that youth have a right to be recognized as individuals under the law and to have their voices heard. YAC reaches out to the community and informs youth that they have legal rights and tries to connect them to the useful resources that are available. YAC is open to youth under age 18 only. This year, YAC will be run as part of the Public Legal Education (PLE) Team, acting as its youth voice. The YAC members of the PLE Team will have an important and unique role on the PLE Team. YAC is open to youth under age 18 only.

Fundraising Committee: aims to raise funds in a variety of ways to support the organization’s important work. All committed volunteers are welcome to apply.

Administrative Support: Volunteers assist Office Manager and support staff with various tasks in the office.

Policy Positions Committee: This Committee monitors and responds to political and legal issues of a youth justice nature that affect our clients broadly.  This Committee welcomes qualified scholars and professionals from various disciplines. It meets once a month. Volunteers undertake to do research, write materials, etc under the direction of lawyers from the clinic. This Committee has limited Membership; unfortunately not all interested people will be able to participate.