1. COVID-19 and school

    At this time, schools continue to be closed and the Ministry of Education is hoping to open for Sept 2020. Publicly funded school boards in Ontario are now providing on-line learning: schools are lending internet-enabled devices to students who do not have access to devices. 

    Special Education: the laws have not changed and students continue to have a right to accommodations.                                

    Please contact us if you have any questions or want legal advice. 

    DISCIPLINE: On April 14, 2020, the Ontario government passed Bill 189, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Protection Act. Impact on school discipline proceedings is that they are now placed on hold and hearings do not have to comply with existing timelines until the Emergency Measures come to an end. Example: there will be no expulsion hearings at this time, they are all placed on hold, and after schools reopen, hearings must be held within the usual timeline of 20 days.

  2. When can a school exclude me?

    The principal can exclude you from a school if he or she believes that you have a serious contagious disease, or that your presence at the school would be detrimental to the physical or mental well-being of other students. This is a “refuse to admit”. You can appeal this decision to the school board.

    If you are excluded by a principal from a school, you can still attend another school within the board.