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About JFCY

Who We Are

Justice for Children and Youth (JFCY) is the leading expert on children’s legal rights.

JFCY provides select legal representation to children and youth in Toronto and vicinity. We are a non-profit legal aid clinic that specializes in protecting the rights of those facing conflicts with the legal system, education, social service or mental health systems. We give summary legal advice, information and assistance to young people, parents (in education matters), professionals and community groups across Ontario.

What We Do

Justice for Children and Youth (JFCY) has staff lawyers who represent and advocate for youth under 18 and a lawyer for homeless youth under 25.  If you have a legal problem or you have any questions you can contact us.

JFCY’s staff lawyers provide direct legal assistance in all areas of children’s law to eligible children and youth of Toronto and vicinity. In conjunction with legal assistance, we provide community outreach and public legal education. We give summary legal advice, information and assistance to young people, professionals and community groups are provided on a province wide basis.

JFCY advocates for law and policy reform and as well, monitors and responds to current developments and proposed changes to the laws which affect children. A wide range of publications and legal materials are maintained for public use.

Mission Statement

At Justice for Children and Youth (JFCY), we provide child-centred legal services that enhance justice and support inclusion for vulnerable children and youth through:

  • Specialized legal expertise and representation
  • Leadership on systemic law reform and advocacy
  • Legal education and outreach

Our Vision

We advance and protect the legal rights and dignity of children and youth.

How We Are Organized

Justice for Children and Youth is the operating name of the Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth & the Law, Inc. The Foundation is an Ontario non-share capital corporation with charitable status. It is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected at our Annual General meeting. The corporation itself is made up of members who pay a yearly fee or one life-time membership fee.

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