Childhood Arrivals Support and Advocacy (CASA) Program

January 2020

Young people living without status in Canada can face significant uncertainty and insecurity. Many people in this situation came to Canada as young children, grew up here, and consider Canada their home. Complex barriers, including a lack of financial resources, inability to access services and opportunities, social isolation, and fear of detention or deportation often prevent CASA’s clients from getting the advice and help they need.

CASA is a program that provides free, confidential, and non-judgemental supports, advice, referrals and legal representation to young people living in Ontario without status.

CASA also facilitates legal education workshops with young people both in and out of classrooms, as well as with persons advocating on behalf or working with young people (for example teachers, guidance counsellors, principals, youth program leaders, and shelter workers).

CASA is also interested in finding bigger answers to the barriers young people in Canada without status face.

For legal information on Immigration and Refugee law, visit our Legal Wiki

For more information about CASA, to access our services, or book a CASA workshop, please contact us.

CASA is supported by funding from:

The Law Foundation of Ontario