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  • Poster & Postcards

    JFCY information posters and handouts designed for print out and posting

  • Plastic Cards

    Youth records, Education law, Youth Criminal Justice, Police interactions, Street Youth topics. Click on image for content on the back…

  • Comic Book

    Rights topics covered on one or two pages: Cannabis, Leaving Home, Youth Court, Bail, Mental Healthcare, Education, Police Contact, Human…

  • Youth Criminal Justice

    Chapters for individual download:

  • Education

    Right to Attend, Suspensions, Expulsions

  • Special Education

    Navigation guide to IPRC, appeals and IEPS. Short videos also available. Download by section: Flowcharts:

  • Leaving Home

    Who makes decisions, Where do you live, Safety, Voluntary Youth Service Agreements, Ontario Works, Child Support, ID, Belongings, Going to…

  • Healthcare & Mental Healthcare

    Who pays, consent & privacy, decision-making & capacity, psychiatric facilities, secure treatment

  • Age Based Laws

    Rights of young people in Ontario and Canada at different ages. Also available in concise 2-page PDF version

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