My name is Cecilia Alejo Rivas, and I will be coordinating the “Your Right! It’s the Law!” project at Justice for Children and Youth. Funded by the Law Foundation, this project will use social media to connect with youth and youth workers in Thunder Bay around the various legal issues facing youth in their community. The neat thing about this project, is that we will use the web as a creative platform to not only stay connected, but also as a tool to train our partners in Thunder Bay on youth legal rights!

I am very excited to be at Justice for Children and Youth, having over ten years of experience working with youth, I have always respected and admired the work done by JFCY. Before JFCY, I was a muralist, social worker, youth engagement worker, radio host and community activist. Through these roles, I have come to understand the power of social media and the internet, particularly as a tool of engagement, and have been using it since MySpace was cool. I am excited to see how this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest will add to this project!