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CP v Her Majesty the Queen [YCJA, right of appeal to SCC]

Court: Supreme Court of Canada, 2020

JFCY intervened in this appeal, which concerns the provision of the Youth Criminal Justice Act that requires a young person to seek leave to appeal of a finding of guilt to the Supreme Court of Canada where an adult would have an automatic right to appeal. Appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada are an important safeguard against wrongful findings of guilt. JFCY’s submissions related to section 7 (life, liberty and security of the person) and section 15 (age discrimination) of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, with a particular focus on the harms to young person’s dignity and practical harms to a young person of the unequal ability to challenge a potentially wrongful finding of guilt to Canada’s highest court.

SCC Docket 38546 for materials and webcast of hearing held Nov 10, 2020. Decision pending.

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