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Child & Youth Advocacy

Ombudsman’s office has a Children and Youth Unit for complaints; CCRC and UNICEF advocates for children’s rights in Canada.

Ombudsman Ontario

The Ombudsman’s Children and Youth Unit takes complaints and investigates matters related to services for children and youth, from developmental, health, social and educational programs to those related to the youth justice system.

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children

CCRC is a network of Canadian organizations and individuals who promote respect for the rights of children. Its purpose is to: exchange information; provide public education materials about the Convention on the Rights of the Child; monitor implementation of the Convention in Canada; and engage in dialogue with government officials on child rights issues.


Canadian non-governmental organization established more than 50 years ago. UNICEF Canada is one of 36 National Committees around the world who play a vital role in generating fundraising revenue, public support and awareness for UNICEF’s work and are also advocates for the protection and realization of children’s rights.

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