Curtis Lewis v The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness [Deportation of Parent, Aboriginal Child]

Court: Federal Court of Appeal, 2017

This is an appeal of an Enforcement Officer’s decision to deport the Appellant, the father of an Aboriginal Canadian child. The Appellant argued that deporting him would violate his child’s rights under section 7 of the Charter and overlooked the Best Interests of his child. The child would accompany the father if he were to be deported. JFCY’s…

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Boyer v John Doe et al [YCJA records disclosure sought for civil proceeding]

Court: Ontario Court of Justice, 2017

A civil proceeding was commenced by the Applicant, seeking damages in relation to a fire to the Applicant’s home against the “John Doe Respondents” (and others). The John Doe Respondents are young people who’s privacy rights are protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act. In these proceedings, the Applicant asked a Youth Court for access…

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RG v KG [Withdrawal from Parental Control]

Court: Ontario Court of Appeal, 2017

JFCY represented OG, the young person in this case. Brief details: OG withdrew from parental control and made an application for a Declaration from the Superior Court to that effect. The Declaration was granted. Her parent, RG, sought to be added as a party to the proceedings and for enforcement of the prior custody order…

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NL v RRM [Custody and Withdrawal from Parental Control]

Court: Ontario Court of Appeal, 2016

This is a case where an Arbritator awarded RRM (the father) sole custody over DM and MM (the children) and, among other things, ordered that they all attend a parental alienation program together. MM was 17 years old at that time and was given the choice to go with his father and attend the program,…

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Landlord Tenant Board requires Youth Court Order for YCJA records to be used for Eviction Application

Court: Landlord Tenant Board, 2016

In this case, a landlord sought to evict the parent of a child on various grounds including allegations of illegal acts being committed by the child. JFCY represented the child and the Advocacy Center for Tenants Ontario represented the parent in successfully arguing that the Board cannot hear evidence that identifies a young person as…

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K.A.B. v Registrar General [Name change for Transgendered Youth]

Court: Ontario Court of Justice, 2013

JFCY represented a 17 year-old transgendered youth who sought to have her name changed. The Change of Name Act in Ontario requires parental consent for a person under the age of 18 who seeks a name change, or the young person can make an application to the court who can then authoritize the name change…

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R v ZW [Access to YCJA Pre-Sentence Report]

Court: Ontario Court of Justice, 2016

JFCY acted as amicus curiae to the Ontario Court of Justice where the applicant was a plaintiff in a negligence action before another court. Terrace Youth Residential Services and ZW, a young person under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), were named as co-defendants in the action. The YCJA has strict privacy protections for young…

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Canada v Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care et al [Appeal, Refugee Health Care]

Court: Federal Court of Appeal, 2015

The hearing originally scheduled for Oct 26 – 27, 2015 was adjourned following the elections; and the appeal by the government was subsequently withdrawn. In June 2012, the Federal government made cuts to healthcare insurance provided to refugee claimants under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP). The Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care (CDRC), the Canadian…

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