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Discrimination and LGBTQI2S Rights – GSAs & LGBTQ- Specific School Groups

Can my school deny my request for an LGBTQI2S identity-affirming group or school activity?

No. In 2012, changes to the Ontario Education Act were made under Bill 13: The Accepting Schools Act to require support for LGBTQI2S students in publicly-funded schools.

As a student in any school in Ontario you have a right to initiate a group, or other school activity that focuses on diversity in attraction, gender identity or gender expression consistent with the promotion of a positive school climate that is inclusive and accepting of all students. This includes the right to name a group ‘gay-straight alliance’ if students choose to do so.

Does this apply to Catholic schools?

Yes. This applies to Catholic schools and Catholic school boards, as both systems are publicly funded in Ontario.

Where can I get help to start a group in my school?

Egale Canada Human Rights Trust has created a website with resources to help students across Canada, visit their website: MyGSA.ca

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