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Health & Mental Health – Psychiatric Facilities

What is a “psychiatric facility”? 

A psychiatric facility is a place for the observation, care and treatment of people with a mental health problem.

 I want to go to a psychiatric facility because I’m feeling suicidal or really need help right away – how do I do this?

You can make the decision to go to a hospital on your own unless you have been found incapable. The hospital does not have to take you in unless they agree that you need their help. 

Can I be put in a psychiatric facility against my will?

Yes. At any age, if someone (eg. a parent, friend, relative, police officer, doctor or teacher) thinks that one or more of the following situations is happening, you may be put in a psychiatric facility:

How long can I be forced to stay in a psychiatric facility?

It depends. Doctors can sign different Forms to hold you:

You cannot appeal a Form 1. However, you can appeal a Form 3 or Form 4 to the Consent and Capacity Board.

Rights Advisor from the Psychiatric Patient Advocates Office must visit you each time a Form 3 or 4 is signed to explain your right to appeal and ask if you want to appeal. Even if you decide to not appeal when the Rights Advisor visits you, you can change your mind later and ask to see the Rights Advisor again.

The Rights Advisor can help you apply for Legal Aid so that you can have a lawyer for your appeal. If you are under 16 and go to the hearing without a lawyer, the Consent and Capacity Board may ask the Office of the Children’s Lawyer to appoint a lawyer to represent you. 

When can I leave the facility?

If you are a voluntary patient, you can leave anytime.

If you are an involuntary patient you must stay until:

Can my parents put me in a psychiatric facility even if I don’t want to go?

If you are under 16 and you have been found incapable, your parents or other substitute decision-maker can agree to you being admitted in a psychiatric facility so that you can get treatment. You cannot be forced to stay by your parents or substitute decision-maker; however, the doctor can sign the necessary forms to make you an involuntary patient.

If you are 16 and over and you have been found incapable, your parents cannot agree to your admission against your wishes unless they are:

  • your court-appointed guardian of the person,
  • if they have the appropriate power; or
  • your attorney for personal care.

You cannot be forced to stay by your parents; however, the doctor can sign the necessary forms to make you an involuntary patient. 

Can I appeal if I have been found incapable and it was my substitute-decision maker who consented to my admission to a psychiatric facility?

If you are under 12, no.

If you are between 12 and 15, sort of.

  •  You cannot appeal the decision made by someone else to admit you to a psychiatric facility. But you can apply to the Consent and Capacity Board to determine whether you need “observation, care and treatment in a psychiatric facility”.
  • Because the board will consider your views and wishes it is important to tell the people close to you what your views and wishes are especially if you do not want to be in a psychiatric facility.
  • You can make this application as soon as you arrive at the psychiatric facility. You can also apply every 3 months. A hearing will be held every 6 months even if you do not apply. You can have a lawyer at the hearing.

If you are 16 or older, yes.

  • You can apply to the Consent and Capacity Board to challenge someone else’s decision to admit you to the facility for treatment.
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